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Manuscript consulting

Developmental consultation on full length manuscripts of prose, 80,000 words maximum: novels, memoirs, short story and essay collections, flash fiction, autofiction and creative prose hybrids.


In-depth feedback on structure, character development, plot, prose, story arc, narrative stance, setting, dialogue, themes, voice, pacing, tension, beginnings, middles and endings.

Copious margin notes and line edits


Thought partnership on executing the vision

Agent pitch letter review 


Insights on publishing, securing grants and fellowships, literary contests and the business side of writing

One hour follow-up zoom call

3,000 USD 


Books edited by Shannon have won The Next Generation Indie Book Award in Short Fiction, The Iowa Short Fiction Prize, the Elixir Press Fiction Award and a nomination for the Goodreads Choice Award.


Packet exchanges via zoom and email, in the low-residency MFA model

6 packets over 6 months

2 stories/chapters per packet, 7000 words max each

In-depth feedback letter in response to each packet


Copious margin notes and line edits

Monthly one-hour zoom call

Conversations, reading recommendations and dialogue on craft and the creative process


Insights on publishing, writers' conferences, residencies, MFA programs and literary contests

4,000 USD


The first rule of ghostwriting is that we don't talk about ghostwriting.

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