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Shannon a writer, editor, visual artist and teacher living in Paris. Her fiction has been awarded  fellowship from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts, the O. Henry Prize, and twice the Pushcart Prize. Her short story collection The Necessity of Certain Behaviors was recognized with the Drue Heinz Literature Prize in 2011.

Books edited by Shannon have won The Next Generation Indie Book Award in Short Fiction, The Iowa Short Fiction Prize, the Elixir Press Fiction Award and a nomination for the Goodreads Choice Award. She conceived and edited the anthologies Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks (Kore Press, 2008) and Roadside Curiosities: Short Stories on American Pop Culture (Leipzig University Press, 2014)

The Necessity of Certain Behaviors.jpg

Shannon has taught fiction writing to undergraduates at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University as well as in the Bennington Writing Seminars MFA program, and in 2011 was the Picador Guest Professor of Literature at the University of Leipzig. She holds an MFA from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.

She is the founder of La Maison Baldwin, a writers' residency program in the south of France. In recognition of this work she was awarded permanent resident status in France as a "person of international renown."

Shannon's wikipedia page.

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