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Creativity Training
writing workshops for advanced & native English speakers


A solution to the limited English-language training opportunities available for employees who are native speakers or who have reached written fluency. Training in creative writing not only addresses problems of terse written communication, building more collegial and effective business relationships, but has been shown to increase empathy in the workplace.

This training is designed for

  • communications professionals eager to improve their storytelling skills

  • emerging writers who would like careful feedback on a manuscript in progress

  • anyone looking to refine their English through an in-depth experience with the creative process​

For non-native speakers, creative writing in a second language

  • allows the writer to manipulate words in unusual ways in order to express a precise thought

  • helps break the monotony of learning via play and by exploring the language in a less predictable way

  • deepens acquisition by encouraging--in fact requiring--direct discovery of new meaning and use of the language 

I see fewer engineers writing and sharing deep thinking, but this is what will lead to far more true innovation across the industry. How will we achieve the big transformative breakthroughs versus the incremental milestones? By writing. Because the way to think is actually to write.

"You Are What You Write"

Harry Blum

Emeritus Researcher at Microsoft Research

The workshop

Weekly or bi-weekly peer-learning writing groups in English, modelled on current best practices in creative writing pedagogy.

Groups of 4 to 8 writers meet on- or offsite for professionally facilitated conversation about their creative works in progress. Participants submit their writing in advance for in-depth group discussion. A portion of each workshop is devoted to craft conversations on such topics as:

  • how to tell a story: beginnings, middles and endings

  • maintaining tension and pacing

  • creating clear, concise and beautiful sentences

  • writing literary fiction and memoir 

  • effective dialogue and scenes

  • character motivation and its relationship to plot

  • writing popular fiction: historical, fantasy, romance and adventure

  • using your creative writing skills at work

Prerequisite: fluency in written English

Groups are limited to 8 people; acceptance is by application with a brief writing sample.



Series of six sessions (6 to 12 weeks): 3,000€

Series of twelve sessions (12 to 24 weeks): 5,000€

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